Senior Director of Operations

Steven Rosenberg

Source: College of Engineering

Contact Info:
Carnegie Mellon University
Silicon Valley
Building 23 (MS 23-11)
Moffett Field, CA 94035

Office: B23 #214B

Phone: 650-335-2890






Before coming to Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley in September 2009, Steven worked for many years at HP Labs. As an Associate Director in the Technology Transfer Office at HP labs, Steven was responsible for developing technology incubations with the potential to be significant disruptive business opportunities. He most recently created a cloud-based scalable service for long tail and web-to-print publishing. He has held a variety of research management roles at HP Labs, and has led the development of technology for numerous businesses, including Print-On-Demand, novel computer input devices, enterprise workflow solutions, disk drives, and solutions for enterprise and commercial printing. Earlier in his career at HP, Steven developed and ran HP Labs’ University Research program, resulting in many successful research collaborations. He created HP Labs research science centers in China, Israel and in the US at Stanford, UC Berkeley and MIT. As manager of the Expert Systems department in HP Labs, Steven led the creation of an expert systems language and tool kit used within HP and at several leading universities. Expert system solutions developed for HP included photolithography error diagnosis, computer configuration tools, mass spectroscopy analysis, handwriting recognition, etc.

While at the Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Department of the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, U.C. Berkeley, Steven created tools for visualizing the distribution systems for energy resources in the U.S. and understanding the impact of disruptions to the US energy distribution grid. As a member of M.I.T.’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Steven engaged in research on computational linguistics, reasoning and knowledge representation. At Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, Steven is focused on growing the context aware mobile computing work in the CyLab Mobility Research Center.

Areas of Interest

Context aware mobile computing.


B.S., Honors, Psychology, McGill University
M.S., Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University
Ph.D., Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University