Room usage

Reservations are required for use of conference rooms & facilities. Rooms are reserved via Google Calendar by faculty, staff, and students. For a list of available rooms and instructions on how to add room calendars to your Google Calendar see Rooms and Spaces.

Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley (CMU-SV) facilities are provided exclusively for CMU-SV business use. Business uses may include, but are not limited to:

  • Carnegie Mellon University classes
  • Staff/Faculty meetings
  • Student meetings
  • Student activities/events

Policy for reserving a room

There are several types of usable space on campus for meetings, studying and events: Classrooms, Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, and Shared Study Space. Choose space based on how many people you need to accommodate and equipment needed.

Classrooms (Rooms 109, 110, 118, 211, 212)

Classrooms can be reserved by faculty & staff. Classroom use for students is by request only. Request these rooms only if video conferencing or broadcasting capabilities are needed, or for large groups of more than 12.

Conference rooms (Rooms 107*, 129A, 129B, 228, 230)

Conference rooms have a table/chairs, phone, monitor and white board. You can connect remote participants by phone or accommodate many people. Several have an integrated computer with HD webcam. Students can reserve for: Academic Team Projects or Presentations.

*Note: Conference Room 107 is reservable by staff/faculty only. If the room is not occupied, students are free to use the room for 30-60 minutes but must be prepared to vacate the room immediately should a staff/faculty member arrive for a meeting in the room.

Meeting rooms (Rooms 120, 208, 224)

Meeting rooms have a table/chairs and a white board. Students can reserve for: Quick team meetings, Interviews (done from laptop), Student Organization meetings.

Reserving conference and meeting rooms

Conference and meeting rooms can be reserved by faculty, staff, and students via Google Calendar. When reserving on Google Calendar please note the following:

  • Conference & Meeting rooms should only be used by groups of 3 or more people. Meetings for fewer people should use “shared study space” (see below). 
  • Rooms can be reserved up to 2 weeks in advance. Student room bookings beyond 2 weeks require Academic Advisor approval. Email advisor approval to, then reserve the room.
  • Room reservations may be up to 2 hours maximum. Student meetings longer than 2 hours require Academic Advisor approval. Email advisor approval to, then reserve the room.
  • Give your meeting a descriptive title. (“Group Meeting” is not a descriptive title.)
  • Include any “setup/test” time in your room request, as the prior event may last until the start of your meeting or the following event may start immediately after yours ends.
  • Recurring Meetings: If students require a recurring meeting it must be approved by an Academic Advisor. Email advisor approval to and then Facilities will reserve the room. Note: If there is a recurring reservation for a meeting not regularly held, it is subject to cancelation.
  • A conference room may later decline your room reservation after the initial reservation. However, you will be notified by email of the rejection so you can locate a new room.

Shared study space

These non-reservable spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Open Spaces (Room 227 & Room 129 )
  • Outdoor Spaces. Enjoy California’s temperate weather! Study and hold quick/small meetings outside on the back patios.
  • For quiet study space there are lounge spaces and study tables: next to the elevator on the second floor as well as the hallways outside classrooms 109/110, 211 and 118. Please remain quiet in these spaces so as not to disturb classes that are in session.

Code of conduct rules

  • DO NOT occupy a room you haven’t reserved.
  • DO NOT leave your belongings at a table or in a cubicle to save space for yourself to come back later.
  • RESPECT end times. Vacate the room promptly, as others may have the room after you.
  • Be COURTEOUS to others. CLEAN UP the space of papers and trash and return furniture to the original arrangement. Wipe up any food or drink spills. Leave the space ready for the next person.