Available rooms and spaces

  • Conference Rooms have chairs around a fixed table, a monitor, and whiteboard.  Two have a computer (connected to a camera, room speakers, and microphones) that can video conference.
  • Classrooms have built-in video conferencing equipment, with room speakers, cameras, microphones, multiple displays, and computer.
    • 109 and 110 have movable tables; the rooms are almost always combined and controlled from 110.

Reserving rooms and spaces

  • Silicon Valley faculty, staff, and students can reserve rooms and spaces through Google Calendar.
  • To book a room using an Andrew account:
    1. Make sure it’s in your list of calendars; see below to add room calendars.
    2. In the “Add guests” textbox (not “rooms”), start typing the room name, and matches from your list will autopopulate.
    3. Once added, you can use “Find a Time;” in more options, it’s located to the right of “Event Details” on the left side.
  • When booking a room that takes reservations by request (109, 110, 118, 211, 212, 227, CMIL), it is reserved only after you receive a confirmation email.
  • Outside community groups and other CMU groups may request use of SV campus space through the room request form.
  • In the table below:
    • Display a room’s schedule by clicking its number.
    • Add to your list of calendars by clicking its “(add)” link. You'll be taken to your calendars and given the option to add, if it is not already on your list.

Capacity is based on standard room arrangements for either classroom seating or theater-style setup. For special events or requirements, contact facilities@sv.cmu.edu.

Room Capacity Description Reservations
107 (add) 6 Conference Room (computer video conference) By faculty/staff
109 (add) 24 Classroom (tables, chairs) By request
110 (add) 24 Classroom (tables, chairs) By request
118 (add) 52 Classroom (fixed tables, fixed seats) By request
129 (add) 60 Open Space (tables, chairs; no technology) By request
123 (add) 5 Meeting Room (whiteboard) Yes
129A (add) 6 Conference Room Yes
129B (add) 6 Conference Room Yes
211 (add) 37 Classroom (tablet chairs) By request
212 (add) 22 Classroom (chairs at fixed tables) By request
213 (add) 12 Conference Room (computer video conference) By faculty/staff
216 (add) 6 Meeting Room (monitor) By staff
224 (add) 6 Meeting Room (monitor, whiteboard) Yes
227 (add) 78 Classroom (tablet chairs) By request
228 (add) 6 Conference Room Yes
230 (add) 6 Conference Room Yes
CMIL 132 (add) 16 Conference Room (2 monitors) Yes
CMIL (add) 42 Openspace (tables, chairs, couches; monitors) By request

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