Using Google Calendar

Use Google Calendar to see where and when a class is held and to schedule meetings, inviting participants and reserving rooms.

Visit Google Calendar Help Center to get started or for more information.

Adding calendars

In addition to your own calendar, other calendars can be displayed at the same time.

To add someone’s calendar to your list, click the “Add a coworker’s calendar” box, then enter their email address. To add several at once, select, from the “Other calendars” right dropdown, “Add a friend’s calendar,” and enter several addresses.

Other calendars (such as for rooms) can be entered, if you know their ID. A Calendar ID has the form of an email address and is found in that calendar’s Settings/Details.

Usually, when a calendar is shared with you, a link is included, so you wouldn’t need to know its ID.

You may also create calendars.

Managing your list of calendars

To see ALL of your calendars, on your calendar page, look under the gear wheel for “Settings,” then select the “Calendars” tab. For each calendar, you can:

Notable CMU-SV calendars

  • To display a calendar, click its title. (Not everyone has access to every calendar listed here.)
  • To add that calendar to your list, click the corresponding “[add]” link, which will open to your calendars, and you’ll be given the option to add, if not already on your list.
Schedule of Classes [add] Schedule of days, times, and locations where classes, with Silicon Valley participation, are held.
Student Events and Activities[add] Events and activities for students. Events related to just one department or program should be prefixed (e.g., INI:Entrepreneurial Club).
Staff/Faculty Events [add] Events of interest to, requiring presence of, and/or support by Silicon Valley staff/faculty, outside of instruction.