Gain key skills needed to be a successful software product developer.

Students looking to become top-notch software engineers, developers, technical project leads, and software development managers will find a curriculum that reflects the dynamic Silicon Valley software industry, emphasizing product development as requirements analysis, architectural design, and construction.

The Master of Science in Software Engineering (MS-SE) is a unique program offered exclusively at CMU-SV. This program emphasizes a rigorous foundation in the principles of software engineering within the context of ECE’s top-ranked Computer Engineering program. Students will develop the understanding and skills needed to become the architects and project leaders building systems in which software plays a critical role. The course of study combines a deep core in software engineering principles and practices with application to a series of increasingly complex systems challenges drawn from the real world.

Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley provides an excellent setting for the MS-SE program.

Our faculty covers a wide range of complementary research domains where software is pivotal—notably mobile computing, connected embedded systems, and related domains. This research provides a rich environment in which the software engineering program is taught.

Through our deep ties to local companies from startups to giants (i.e., Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, VMWare, IBM, Oracle, and Cisco), students engage in Silicon Valley culture through sponsored projects, internships, hackathons, and other events. This integrated curriculum helps graduates build a career path with lifelong networking opportunities.

Applying to the MS SE program

Program admission requirements, features, and application information are available on the ECE site:

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