Cécile Péraire has more than 25 years of software engineering experience working in both industry and academia. She earned her Ph.D. in computer science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland). Following a postdoctoral research fellowship at SRI International and Hewlett Packard, she worked at Rational and IBM where she played different roles covering the many facets of software development. She has contributed significantly to the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and IBM’s internal methods.

Péraire is a teaching professor at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE). She is a recipient of CMU College of Engineering Dean’s Early Career Fellowship Award, as well as CMU College of Engineering Philip L. Dowd Fellowship Award for her contribution to the development of ECE’s unique and distinctive Software Engineering Master program offered in Silicon Valley, California. She has published and taught extensively in her areas of specialization. She has a passion for innovation in practices and tools that enable teams to more effectively develop and deliver software-intensive systems.

Throughout her career, Péraire taught 16 different undergraduate, graduate, and industry courses (most of them several times) at EPFL, HP, Rational, IBM and CMU. She has contributed to the design of many of these courses. Here are the courses that she is currently teaching at CMU:

18-652: Foundations of Software Engineering
18-658: Software Requirements and Interaction Design
18-659: Software Engineering Methods

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Selected publications


1998 Ph.D., Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)

1993 MA, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)

Media mentions

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Software engineering and education

Cécile Péraire shows just how much of an impact you can make when you follow your passions.

Péraire published in new engineering reference book

ECE/CMU-SV’s Cécile Péraire contributed a chapter to a new reference book, Rethinking Productivity in Software Engineering. In the chapter, “Removing Software Development Waste to Improve Productivity,” Péraire and her colleagues describe a study analyzing different kinds of waste found in a software development company and give recommendations for waste removal strategies.

Jama Software

Péraire teams up with Jama Software to teach MS-SE program

ECE/CMU-SV’s Cecile Péraire has chosen to pair with Jama Software for teaching her courses within CMU’s software engineering master’s degree program.


Péraire and Erdogmus advance flipped classroom format

CMU-SV’s Cécile Péraire and Hakan Erdogmus used the flipped classroom format in their Foundations of Software Engineering Class, one of the first times it was used for a graduate software engineering class. They wrote two papers on the experience, discussing issues of videos, lectures, co-instruction, and student motivation. 

CMU Silicon Valley

CMU professors advance flipped classroom format

Cécile Péraire and Hakan Erdogmus, professors at CMU Silicon Valley, use the “flipped classroom” format to teach a graduate Foundations of Software Engineering class (FSE). They wrote two papers about their experience, sharing the struggles and triumphs they faced as they worked toward a more efficient, helpful classroom model.

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