Student health requirements

To protect their health and others within the campus community, students at Carnegie Mellon University are required to carry health insurance. Incoming students must meet these requirements before the deadlines for their first semester of enrollment.

The Silicon Valley campus does not have on-site medical or health care, but students have access to many clinics and facilities in the region. NASA Protective Services is available 24-7 for emergency response. 

Incoming student immunization recommendations

For your health and the well being of all students on campus, we recommend the following immunizations and vaccinations.  Please refer to your medical documentation or your local doctor to ask about the recommended immunizations or health concerns.

  1. MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella)
  2. Varicella  (Also known as chicken pox)
  3. Tuberculosis (TB) Screening/Testing

For a list of additional recommended vaccines such as Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Tdap, please refer to the university website. 

All new students to the Pittsburgh and Silicon Valley campuses must submit immunization information, including uploading a CMU Immunization Record Form signed by their healthcare provider before arriving on campus. Students should log in to HealthConnect and select Medical Clearances in the left menu to review and submit all required health information.

Failure to comply with these requirements will result in administrative suspension.


Your One Medical membership

As a CMU-SV student, you are also given a membership to One Medical. This will greatly assist you in navigating local health care. To enroll, please

University health insurance requirements

All full-time students attending Carnegie Mellon University must have medical insurance that meets the university's requirements. The university offers a student medical insurance plan, as well as optional vision and dental insurance plans. Insurance coverage periods are August 1 through July 31 each year.

CMU student health insurance criteria

Upon enrollment at CMU, all students will be automatically enrolled and charged the premium fee for the individual medical insurance plan offered by the university. This fee will appear on your first-semester invoice. The fee may be removed if you can provide proof of insurance through a private plan (such as an employer, parent, or spouse) and apply for a waiver. See the instructions below.

About insurance plans offered by the university

Insurance enrollment and waiver decisions do not roll-over to the next insurance year. You must resubmit your decision each academic year.

For students new to CMU

Please visit the Student Online system and select the Campus Life tab, then select Health Insurance. You must perform one of the following actions before open enrollment ends. You can find open enrollment dates for the semester here.

  • Enroll in a medical insurance plan offered by the university
  • OR Apply for a waiver, verifying that you already have medical insurance that meets the university’s requirements

Additional instructions and information can be found on the CMU Health Insurance website.

If you have questions, please contact

If you choose to enroll

The insurance premium fee will remain on your student invoice. If you enroll in the vision or dental plan or add dependents, the additional charges will appear on your student invoice. If you do not see the fee within two weeks, please contact to confirm your enrollment.

If you would like to pay your insurance premium cost in smaller amounts, Tuition Management Systems (TMS) allows you to make monthly payments. For details, visit

You may choose to add dependents to your plan (spouse, domestic partner, and children) during certain times. For details, see the University Health Services site.

If you choose to apply for a waiver:

If your current insurance meets the university’s requirements, you may apply for a waiver; if approved, the premium fee for the university plan will be removed from your account. A credit for this fee will appear on your student invoice within two weeks after we receive your waiver. If you do not see a credit within two weeks, please contact

If you take no action (NOT RECOMMENDED)

If you do NOT enroll or waive by September 12 you will be automatically enrolled in the individual medical insurance plan. The charge for this plan will remain on your account. For these automatic enrollments, you will need to contact for your Member ID and request a card to be sent to you.  It is not automatically sent if you do not actively enroll. 

Questions? Please contact