“The resume gets you the interview; the interview gets you the job.”

One common misconception among job and internship seekers is that their resume is the one thing that will land them a job. This is not the case. While a resume tends to be an employer’s first introduction to you as a job or internship seeker, it's typically the interview process that gets you the job. Interviewing helps an employer to better understand your potential fit for the role and company and helps them weed out unprepared or unqualified candidates.

Almost all CMU-SV students will participate in both technical and behavioral interviews, so not only will you be assessed on your technical skills but also verbal and nonverbal communication skills, strengths and personal challenges, skills, knowledge areas, and interests. From the initial phone screen to the technical interview to the on-site interview, it's essential for you to be prepared for all aspects of the interviewing process. To help you prepare for interviews, we’ve pulled together relevant CMU resources as well as some recommended literature and links from around the web.

Students are also encouraged to schedule a mock interview with a CMU-SV career consultant if they need more guidance. 

CPDC’s interviewing career guides

CPDC’s guides on types of interviews 

Resources from around the web

Recommended reads